Announcing Weave Society

Today we have multiple announcements, but let's kick it off with the one that we've been waiting to tell everybody; Weave Society. WS comes in two forms, so let's dive in.

The first is an organized play group designed for people who have never played roleplaying or storytelling games to experience how much fun it is. We made Weave be the most accessible and inclusive system for newcomers, and we continue our promise by helping our community and local game stores share in this beautiful genre.

The second is our partnership with Geek & Sundry to present an 8 episode series of the same name. Geek & Sundry is comprised of incredible people who share the same vision of getting more people together at the tabletop, and we are honored to have them form a cast of talented women to show what storytelling is all about. 

So how does this work?

Weave Society is experienced every Wednesday, starting with our organized playgroup (typically at 6 pm locally), where we will give Official Storytellers a foundational plot for each week's episode and playset. From there each group will take the same starting point and craft their story to share with the community. Afterwards, Geek & Sundry will use the same foundational plot as everyone else and treat us to their own fantastic story.

Signing up for Weave Society starts today. If you are interested in being a player, supporting a local game store, or be an Official Storyteller, you can sign up here. We'll be updating our website with a page dedicated to Weave Society shortly, but in the meantime feel free to reach out to us via our fantastic discord community to learn more.

Speaking about our community, we took a lot of feedback about what works and what doesn't in Weave and the app, and are happy to announce an update to our app on February 7th, and another one on February 14th, which is the anniversary of when we first announced Weave. There will also be more news to talk about on our anniversary, so check in on Valentine's Day when we give our love back to those who have supported us the most.

We love what we do, and look forward to sharing it with you!


Back to work,

Kyle Kinkade



Kyle Kinkade
Founder of Monocle Society